X-bionic running the trick singlet (M)

490 lei
1 000 lei

în Chișinău 30 lei
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The premium performance in the X-Bionic Running THE TRICK Singlet One is outwitted by the help of special structures in the knitted fabric along the spine nature. The heat receivers are pre-heated to overheat and so the body begins to cool earlier by increased welding production. Result - the body starts with its cooling much earlier and the athlete stays longer to Optimal - temperature.

The 3D-BionicSphere system on the chest and back of this functional lingerie is able to absorb and process large amounts of sweat. The ultra-thin fabric of the X-BIONIC RUNNING SPEED THE TRICK SHIRT distributes perspiration all over the body, optimizing the cooling of the body through an imperceptible, minimal welding film.

This running shirt with medium compression also exerts a slight pressure on the body. This precisely defined pressure stimulates the blood circulation and thus ensures a more effective muscle work. This helps the sportsman to achieve higher performance with less energy consumption. X-BIONIC's X-Impact Technology (TM) provides the muscles with more energy, oxygen and better recovery of muscles through the cardiovascular system.

The brilliant 'The trick' of this X-BIONIC functional wash is the control of the much earlier welding production. As long as the athlete produces sweat, this is specifically transported to heat-intensive muscle areas and optimally used for cooling. If the welding process fails because the load or the outside temperature drops, the insulation effect of the functional wash sets in and keeps the muscles warm.