Speedo carbon swimsuit ( M)

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6 600 lei

în Chișinău 30 lei
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In competitive swimming, every millisecond counts.  Swimmers are consistently looking for any way to reduce their time from increased training, new swimming techniques, to even improved competition swimwear.  The need for these improved swimsuits is taken so seriously that researchers at Speedo alone have spent fifty-five thousand man hours over four years to create a competition swimsuit.  Experts in the areas of biomechanics, fluid dynamics, and even NASA researches were called in to help.  From their research, they determined certain materials and specific designs optimize the swimmer’s performance.  One of these materials is carbon fiber, a material popular in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, motorsports, and ultimately competitive sports. Bundling thousands of carbon fibers together creates a tow, which can be woven into a fabric. Within this fabric is strong and lightweight threads, there is a very minimal likelihood of tearing while swimming or getting into the swimsuit.   These improved swimsuits, designed with a carbon fiber cage in the material, are meant to reduce drag by allowing compression of the body without restricting it, especially in the hips and shoulders. This results in an optimal strength-to-weight ratio for the swimmer so that their mobility is not limited, but their strength and power is maximized.