X- bionic humdinger ( M)

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Mission: The highest performance. Answer: Humdinger. What's the formula for the highest performance? It's a complex optimisation problem with a number of variables: material, configuration, seams... These challenges were presented to our textile engineers during the development of the Humdinger Shirt. The Shirt had to be lighter than traditional fleece and still deliver the best insulation. It had to provide warmth when an athlete was freezing. And it had to be cooling when the athlete was sweating. The material had to fit perfectly without constricting. And our developers found a solution: They combined the innovative material SorbanEvapore with the patented 3D-BionicSphere® System and, with that, was born a masterpiece in elasticity and climate management. Then came the details for targeted optimisation for running: ergonomic cut for freedom of movement, functional precision for the highest comfort, and technical integration of the functional zones.