Speedo neopren swim siut ( MT)

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The Men's Tri Elite Full Wetsuit from Speedo is a full sleeved triathlon wetsuit designed for the open water swimming phase of your race and is ideal for an open water swimmer with competitive goals.

The Elite Fullsuit gives excellent buoyancy and flexibility plus many other features that make this Speedo triathlon suit ideal for experienced triathletes.

Buoyancy and flexibility
The Tri Elite Wetsuit is designed with a combination of Y40 and Y39 cell rubber. This construction combines super flexible neoprene with a super buoyant and light neoprene to give you an excellent balance of buoyancy, a light weight, warmth and flexibility which is ideal for longer distance races. This wetsuit uses buoyant foam in the fabric to keep your body higher in the water which reduces drag and enables you to swim faster.